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Darren Greene, OCI

Genre: Action Adventure

Inspired by: The Violence Initiative Project of 1992

Main Character: DARREN GREENE is the quintessential badass DEA agent; rugged, crafty and a little bit nuts. Forged by a dysfunctional family, a tough neighborhood, and a slew of failed relationships, he developed his survival instincts early. Guys like him end up in jail, the military or dead. But Darren is very much alive and plans to stay that way. He’s a patient chameleon. How else could he hang out with dealers, druggies, losers and prostitutes and not reek of law enforcement? How else could he live that close to the edge and not fall off?

He orchestrates the “Big Event” like a maestro. When he’s running point from the inside, every bust goes down like clockwork – a symphony if you will. That is until one hot August night on the outskirts of Miami.

Status: Treatment

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