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Schoolboy at the Blackboard

The Unfit

Posted on Sep 24th, 2018; - By admin - 0 Comments

Genre: Action Thriller (Politics/Journalism)

Inspired by: The American Eugenics movement

Logline: While investigating the murder of a childhood friend, a young New Orleans journalist and a high school rebel ignite a life and death battle with a shadow organization bent on breeding a master race in the Deep South.

Status: This script received a Recommend rating from Brillstein Entertainment Partners and is available upon request


Posted on Sep 25th, 2018; - By admin - 0 Comments

Genre: Sci-Fi Action Thriller

Inspired by: The intriguing concept of quantum entanglement and the distant future of transportation.

Logline: It's 2183, and Special Agent, Rick Martinez is on the trail of New York's deadliest serial killer. When copycat murders erupt in Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles, he's ordered to Los Angeles first. What he discovers threatens national security, his family and brings him face to face with the killer in more ways than he can handle on his own.

Status: Treatment

The Greatest Spies in the World

Posted on Sep 25th, 2018; - By admin - 0 Comments

Genre: Action Adventure Comedy

Inspired by: A twist on the concept that life imitates art.

Logline: When an international incident erupts during his Italian vacation, Gary Hunter, the actor who stars in the biggest secret agent franchise in the world, is suddenly thrust into a real life secret agent mission. All he's missing are the real life secret agent skills.

Status: Treatment

Darren Greene, OCI

Posted on Sep 25th, 2018; - By admin - 0 Comments

Genre: Action Adventure

Inspired by: The Violence Initiative Project of 1992

Logline: After members of his team are killed in a Miami drug bust gone bad, DEA agent Darren Greene is transferred to the FDA. But when he's sent back to Miami to investigate a rash of food related deaths, he unwittingly winds up on the radar of a far more ruthless and powerful Drug Lord than he'd ever faced in his 10 years fighting the cartels.

Status: Treatment

Nutopia 3

Posted on Sep 24th, 2018; - By admin - 0 Comments

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action Adventure

Inspired by: The amazing genetic experiments and advances that apparently aren’t “newsy” enough to make it into our so called “top stories.”

Logline: In 2277, a bomb blast at the G20 Summit shatters the 20-year peace enjoyed by the populations of the Common World Government. The world is plunged into chaos and staggers on the brink of annihilation while governments scramble to stop the people who did this. Trouble is, the only "people" equipped for the job are two escapees from a top secret and long abandoned genetic experiment.

Status: Treatment

Picchu, Baby

Posted on Sep 25th, 2018; - By admin - 0 Comments

Genre: Romantic Comedy Adventure

Inspired by: The building of the controversial Carrilluchayoc Bridge near Machu Picchu

Status: Treatment;

Logline: While on a pilgrimage to scatter the ashes of a beloved married couple, Tony and Angela become vocal activists in the ongoing debate over a controversial bridge that's benefited the local economy and the local drug cartel. When their efforts catch the attention of Valdez, the Coca King, the odds of their ashes being added to the urn increase with each hour they linger in Machu Picchu.

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