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Genre: Sci-Fi Action Thriller

Inspired by: The intriguing concept of quantum entanglement and the distant future of transportation.

Main Character: It’s the year 2083. And Special Agent RICK MARTINEZ has one of the toughest jobs in the country; single parent to an angry teenage girl. It makes his job as field profiler for the Behavioral Sciences Unit of the FBI, seem easy by comparison. Sometimes, getting through to ANNA provides more twists and turns than stopping New York City’s “Origami Slasher,” the serial killer that’s consumed him for the last year.

The “O.S.” is the deadliest serial killer in the city’s history. He’s got no discernible MO and a victim pattern has yet to emerge. The only thing that’s clear is the pattern he cuts into each victim. So, Martinez has the weight of an entire city on his shoulders. His case is the only game in town for the 24 hour news cycle. These outlets are giving the O.S. the fame he craves, and they’re making Martinez popular; something Rick can’t stand. Who can blame him if he brings work home, or if he spends most of his parenting time being overprotective? Anna can.

Status: Treatment

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