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Jack and the Amazing Technological Drum Machine – Pt 1

Jack and the Amazing Technological Drum Machine – Part 1

Hi, my name is Leigh. And I’m a technoholic. My love affair with technology is complex, fickle and eternal. And you, friend, may be like me; addicted to the stuff. But I’m here to tell you, “Technology is Not Your Friend,” trust me.

Yeah, it does allow you to train your entire workforce from a single platform. Okay, sure, you can meet with people in far-flung locations and see them on your computer screen, big deal. All right, so it does allow you to manage your entire social marketing initiative from an integrated dashboard. Who cares? Fine, so you can rapidly create eLearning courses from those dog-eared PowerPoint presentations. Granted. But at what cost? I’m here to sound the warning that when it comes to technology we’d all be wise to learn the simple yet exotic skill of extrapolation.

Yes, extrapolation is a tricky skill; the Dodo bird didn’t have it, 8-track tapes didn’t have it, Kodak didn’t have it. But we technoholics had better get it, and pronto. It’s time to release the bloody Kraken, people. And those of you who aren’t tech savvy? You’ll be the first to go…not laughing now are ya?

Where was I? Oh, yeah…extrapolation! We must “polate” in an extra fashion, in a manner of speaking. We gotta wake up and smell the algorithms, oh peeps of the training ilk. And to that end, I am here to be your sponsor, if I may. And I say it’s time for each of us to realize that technology has a dynamic and jangly food chain. And it’s up to each of us to figure out what link we’re dangling from.

Technology is like a pet tiger; so cuddly cute when it’s young; with its scratchy little roar. And like that pet tiger, it sounded like a glorious idea while you were flush with all that disposable income. But also like a pet tiger, it’s oh so dangerous in its maturity. Yeah, and just like with big cats, the journey from owner to dinner is swift, shocking and almost always not worth taking. But we just can’t help ourselves, can we?

Oh, I know what you’re thinking. “That would never happen to me. I’m smarter…and I don’t taste that good.” Yeah, I hear ya. And that’s exactly what Jack said right before he was devoured by a full grown drum machine. More on that in a minute.

Fortunately for me, I’m not a big cat person, or I’d be double damned. But I gotta tell ya, learning peeps…I loves me some technology! And no, that’s not a typo, the “s” the “me” and the “some” are there intentionally. Get used to it because it’s an intermittent thing of mine. I like to blow up the language for funsies. And I “loves me” a lot of things from time to time. So where was I? Right, I loves me some technology! Yeah…(cue the daydream music)

Ooh, just look at it. It’s all nice and sparkly. And oh, it does what?! Oh my, I must have one…okay two…all right, better make it three for integration’s sake. I’ve always liked things in threes…pancakes, little pigs…miracles. What’s that you say, it’s subscription based as well? Hell, throw in that one over there with the analytics feature. Four’s as good a number as any. Besides, my desk has four legs, and I love my desk.

Sound familiar? And so the tech-fest goes, and before we know it, we’re up to our hairline in tools, toys, platforms, systems, and integrations. There we sit, in the midst, spiral-eyed and quaking with excitement; Quick Start Guides at the ready. Yums aplenty: handheld tech toys, gadgets and gleaming futuristic software gewgaws; joy-giving cloud-based dealybangs and thingamajabbers. Time-saving marvels, all. Jes…but one woman’s timesaver is another man’s job stealer! Gasp.

Remember those suppliers that used to move artwork around and make pretty pictures and the like…what were they called? Oh yeah, graphic artists! There was a time when they roamed the earth freely, happily; spreading wonder and amazement with a new tool called Photoshop. And what wonders they wrought with their spikey hairdos and tiny earrings, early hipsters that they were. And they made boo-coo bucks on the open market because no one had seen such beauty done without razors, cardboard and whatever else they used when they did graphics by hand; before ones and zeros.

Well, the other day, I went online…well, I didn’t so much go online as my wife went online and told me about it. But anyway, for blog and social marketing purposes, I went online and discovered this company called SlideRocket. And their product is absolutely dazzling. All of the things that graphic artists used to do for us, was already done by this software platform. All you have to do is open a template, then click, slide, tweak, tab, browse, upload, publish and huzzah! Instant presentation or interactive PDF. Jeemonetty, I exclaimed! I wants me one. I could naught but gasp. Templatized creativity was living and breathing before me. But when my head stopped spinning and my ears ceased ringing, I heard the collective gasp of a thousand graphic artists being outpaced by cool technology in the hands of me, the novice. Actually, it was my wife who put the presentation together, but you get where I’m going. Don’t get me wrong, I love the march of time. I’m a technoholic, remember? This is market innovation at its best. And my hat is off to those who analyze their industries and figure out a way to put the power in the hands of the many, the subscriber. If you can be one of the first to innovate, you stand a chance of maintaining market share based on your technological advantage. If you can innovate continuously, you can sustain your business as competitors find a way to enter your market.

But I digress. Have you seen the cloud LMSs on the market? Suddenly, mom and pop companies can train their workforce on an LMS without that front end loaded pricing model. Poof! The barrier of entry for small companies about to be completely removed. That can be scary if you’re an LMS provider with a heavy front end loaded pricing model looking for new customers. Checked out the eLearning marketplace lately? They got your cloud LMSs with libraries of courses just waiting for you, “in the Cloud,” sweet people. Need an LMS? No problem. Need a dazzling panoply of courses with that? You got it. Already got an LMS but you like Course 234? Wahla! Just “download” it to your LMS. Question is; what’s next, and how will it impact other segments of the industry?

But I digress even further because this blog tale hits close to home; which brings me full circle to Jack’s unfortunate encounter with that full grown drum machine. Yes, there is a point to all this. Find out what it is in Jack and the Amazing Technological Drum Machine – Part 2

Now get back to work!

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