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Nutopia 3

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action Adventure

Inspired by: The amazing genetic experiments and advances that apparently aren’t “newsy” enough to make it into our so called “top stories.”

Main Characters: During the darkest, most dangerous time in world history, seven children were cloned from the DNA of the greatest secret agents and worst villains in history. Dubbed, “Project 7” by the New Utopia Mandate, these children were designed to grow into uber-operatives and put an end to world terrorism and treachery. Each was an exotic and unique mix of the genetic, synthetic biology and robotic sciences. Truly deadly measures for deadly times. But before they were fully acclimated and tested, the world achieved peace and funding for Project 7 was cut off. The children were outlawed and destroyed…that is except for Ren Garrett and Ailani Blake. Now, it’s 2277. They’re young adults living in the Out Regions where Pure Humans rarely go. They have no idea what they are or what they’re capable of. But a frantic world is out to hunt them down and inform them.

Status: Treatment

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