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The Learning Show – Episode 2

Guest: ASTD’s Kristen Fyfe-Mills

Description: A special feature and interview with ASTD’s Sr. Manager of Communications, Kristen Fyfe-Mills, reflecting on the success of ASTD 2013.

Status: Ready


    Here at BTP we pride ourselves in doing quality work. And of course, being recognized by your peers is pretty cool. So when time allows, and we remember, we enter a competition or two.
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    We produce The Learning Show®. TLS is the de facto internet talk show focused entirely on the corporate training industry.
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    This is Leigh’s blog. He refused to simply call it, The Blog. He says it sounds too much like “The Blob,” a campy horror movie from back in the day. Anyway, some say he’s the David Sedaris of Corporate...
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    We use our television and movie scriptwriting expertise to create groundbreaking video-based corporate training products for the nearly $60 Billion training industry. Customer Service Intelligence® ...
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